About Made In Bamboo: As frequent travelers and enthusiasts of both the terrestrial and aquatic world, we launched Made in Bamboo to address the major problem that we have been encountering for several years: plastic pollution!

We are a young and dynamic team of entrepreneurs and travelers who love adventure and discovery.

The production of our bamboo straws is located in two locations, Indonesia and Vietnam. The engraving of our straws is done in France in our workshop in the PACA region.


About bamboo: Firstly because it has always been our favorite plant, secondly because it is the fastest and tallest growing plant in the world! Its shoots develop at lightning speed, up to 1 meter per day for some species and can reach 15 meters in height.

Versatile, natural, resistant and ecological, bamboo is used in many areas: vegetable patch, garden, various constructions, design, decoration, textiles.

Rich in silica, bamboo is very hard and very resistant while being flexible!


About Made In Bamboo and our planet: By choosing bamboo straws, you are helping to reduce plastic pollution, and we are doing the same! For each box of bamboo straws purchased, we donate between 1.5 and 2.5% of our turnover to the Reforest’Action association. We are thus taking part in the Indonesian mangrove reforestation project in North Sumatra carried out in partnership with the local agency Yagasu.



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